Copper Mountain

experiential, branding, digital

Problem: Copper Mountain is a great ski resort, the only problem is that it lies between 4 other big name mountains in the Colorado area. Our job was to help set Copper apart and draw in more visitors from destination markets, such as Texas.

First off, we decided to throw out their golf resort looking logo and revert to the old Copper lockup from the 70’s. We wanted to establish Copper as the laid back mountain that treated everyone like a local. This sentiment spurred the movement “National Snow Day," a chance for everyone to experience one unexpected day of freedom. To campaign for this movement, we had street teams of snow patrol take our demands to congress, and we even snowed-in Austin, TX. We also had in our arsenal branded chapstick, Youtube videos, Twitter, ice sculptures and snomobikes to help champion the cause. Overall, visits to Copper are up and the NSD movement is taking off.

Awards: NSAA Campaign of the Year 2009

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