Seattle Sounders FC

branding, website, experiential

Problem: Following the demise of the Seattle Sonics, a poor year for the Mariners and an average year for the Seahawks, Seattle was attempting to introduce a new professional sport and sports team all together.

Sports is emotional. And we wanted to use that energy and passion to excite and inspire a whole new audience to give soccer a try.

We started by creating a fan-focused campaign that educated locals about soccer and asked them to give as much energy as the players. Our slogan became “Give Us Your Full 90” and fell under the fan anthem of “Scarves Up!” We created billboards, transit, giant scarves, websites to educate fans and even scarfed Seattle with over 1000 scarves. The campaign was wildly successful, and season tickets for the Sounders outsold every other MLS team.

It turned out to be an equally emotional campaign for the agency as well. To show up opening night to a sold out stadium full of new fans holding up the scarves that you created and cheering for their new team was an experience I'll never forget!

Awards: Sammy 2009 for Marketing

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