T-Mobile - Mind of DWade


T-Mobile was launching the new D-Wade designed Sidekick 3. To celebrate, we created an entire interactive structure of his head at the NBA All Star Game Jam Session, allowing fans to “get inside the mind of D-Wade.” The 30’ tall and 40’ wide booth was interactive with both of D-Wade's eyes blinking and mouth moving. Fans entered through his ear and toured exhibits and interactive games, viewed films of his dreams, saw a “day in the life of D-Wade” through his eyes and created their own memories using a green screen photo booth.

The engagement was deemed the most successful at Jam Session with more than 150,000 fans engaging over the course of four days. It also garnered quite a bit of media attention, and the NBA even used it as their headquarters for the duration of the All-Star games. Win!

Awards: Seattle Show (gold)

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